Merlin 운호

Hi there, this is the hub towards all of my creative works and to my support page and Amazon shop (for my books). If you made it this far, please consider having a look at my works and creations, I would really appreciate it a lot.

About me:

My name is Merlin (alias 김운호 or Merlin Lyre) and I am a 26 year old fantasy author and teacher. My dream is for the world to experience the worlds in my imagination through some format or another, be it books, podcasts, photography and maybe more to come.
Born in South Africa, raised in France, studied in the USA and living in France. In a very nice international relationship with a lovely Korean lady and learning the local language. My current adventures lead me here, to writing these lines of introduction.
Feel free to contact me and, if you happen to want to give me a job, check my LinkedIn bellow.